Fr 10. Februar 2023 - 00:00


Daniel Meister - Elrow ltd., FreeLife Music, Budapest, Nuke Switchbox (Live), Nico Audiowave, Dajk, Gianluca Felline

Einlass: ab 21 Jahren

Eintritt: CHF 20.00

ㄩK工ㄚ口 浮世
living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.
"The Floating World"

Experience the ultimate detachment from the bothers of life at UKIYO

Immerse yourself and let the groovy beats transport you to a state of pure Freedom.

Daniel Meister - Elrow ltd. / FreeLife Music, Budapest
Nuke Switchbox (Live)
Nico Audiowave
Gianluca Felline

see you there 🖤
One Love
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Sei immer auf dem Laufenden was im Bagatelle an der Langstrasse läuft