Sa 03. September 2022 - 22:00

Erotika w/ GUTI live, Clovis & James MC Hale

GUTI live, Clovis & James MC Hale

Einlass: ab 21 Jahren

Eintritt: CHF 30.00


Inspired by the long lost flamboyance of electronic music when passion and creative expression were celebrated. We create fantasies full of life, character, heavy perfumes and intrigue. Our entire philosophy and experience is a cohesion of mystery molecules, lust and groove. Playful exuberance and delightful excess. This is Erotika. This is not a sex party. It’s a kiss of the mind, an exchange of fondness, a layered seduction. Erotika Zurich is set to be a collision play room for the Argentinian megastar GUTI, Japanese-American underground dj Clovis and Swiss James MC Hale exploring their deepest desires for sound, entangling all electronic genres. Leaving behind an archive of stop-less dancers saturated in bliss. Dress code : elegant & extravagant fetish.


Sei immer auf dem Laufenden was im Bagatelle an der Langstrasse läuft